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Episode 7

Joseph Green: Healing the North Melbourne Football Club

Phoenix is joined by comedian Joseph Green to discuss why Harry Sheezel should be captain, his grandfather playing AFL, the Wayne Carey affair, and Joey goes on one of the all-time Shin-boner rants.

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00:00 - Sheezel should be captain

01:20 - Luke McDonald

03:25 - Max Gawn

4:03 - Joey's Grandfather played for North

6:00 - North's 90's premierships

13:21 - Matt Stewart's famous Saints bet

15:55 - Joey's almost famous bet

18:55 - Joey's first bet

22:05 - Player wages vs. Execs

24:17 - The AFL is a not-for-profit

25:25 - Don't rock the boat

27:20 - Keep the politics out of it

31:40 - Clarkson

34:44 - The Wayne Carey affair

44:20 - Richmond's leadership

47:10 - WTF is a shinboner

49:45 - Quickfire

55:24 - Joey's comedy special

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